My First Home Business

My first food delivery franchise started when I was in grade three. At the tender age of 9 I began my first venture into the franchise of the road. It all started one day by accident as I was walking home from school. An elderly lady beckoned for me to come to her door. I was a little reluctant to go at first. I was thinking about the cherries that I had borrowed from her tree without permission.

“How can I help you”, I asked. She kindly requested that I do her a favor. She wanted someone to go across the road to the vacant lot and pick up some blackberries for her. She was willing to pay me 50 cents for a small bucket. 50 cents was a lot of money. I gladly obliged her request and thirty minutes later I had 2 shiny quarters to spend as I wished.

After a cool bottle of pop and a delicious chocolate bar, it suddenly came to me that I could make some good coin picking blackberries and sell them door to door. As fate would have it, my parents owned a business that had cardboard ice buckets that came in two sizes.

So off I started on my new business venture. It soon became apparent that the orders that I was receiving were coming in faster than I could handle. One elderly gentleman who produced homemade wine wanted as many buckets as I could pick. Also, the endless orders from making those jam soon made me realize that I needed help.

That is when my first food delivery franchise began. I recruited a couple of my closest friends and offered them a piece of the action. I would provide the buckets for 10 cents and the rest was to keep them. Soon we were delivering blackberries to the entire town. Life was good. The soda pop and candy bars were plentiful. Thus began a profitable career of food deliveries.

My next food delivery franchise was when I became much older and wiser. I was a mature 14 year old with years of franchising experience behind me. I still had my blackberry franchise business going but it was now time to spread my wings. This time however, it was not by accident.

In our small town we had two medium sized grocery stores. Most of the townsfolk were retired or close to it. As I had built up a large clientele of loyal customers … it seemed natural to utilize their trust in my new venture. Therefore, I approached these fine people and inquired if they would like groceries delivered to their homes. Almost all agreed.

I accumulated a list of their names and went into both the grocery stores and presented my proposal. Both owners were happy to accommodate me with my new business plan. Once again I became so busy that I had to get friends to help out. So I started another food delivery franchise. I am 18 years old now and I wonder what is next?

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