Ideas For A Home Business

Many people have lost their jobs and are finding it very difficult to find new jobs. The recession has affected many businesses that have no alternative but to close their doors. This environment of unemployment has prompted many to look for opportunities to start a home business. The one problem that people face is what kind of home business to start. The best option if you are undecided is to make use of your qualifications, skills and experience during your career. However, this is not your only option and you may well want to venture into something new.

Accounting and Tax Consulting

If you have the experience in the accounting or bookkeeping field, you can offer prospective customers a bookkeeping service. If you are a qualified accountant with the necessary certification to undertake audits and sign financial statements, you can open an accounting practice. Many small and medium-sized companies look for bookkeepers to complete the bookkeeping function. A good idea is to offer a package service where you do exactly the books from the prime entry through financial statements and tax returns. Arrange to do this for a monthly fee. For companies where they do not need a full service, you can charge on a consulting basis.

To do this home, you may have to invest in office and computer equipment, if you already have it.

Telephone Answering Service

Many sole traders have realized that because their phone is not responded promptly, they are losing trade to more efficient businesses. Most customers who call a business service expect the phone to be answered by a live person, not an answering machine. It annoys customers when they go to voice mail and many of them just hang up and go elsewhere. Providing these business people an answering service is a low-cost, easy-to-set up home business.

You will have to make a decision regarding the level of answering service you would like to offer. The service could be offered on an ad-hoc basis, full time, 24-hour, or business hours only. A decision must be made on whether you will be available on public holidays and over the weekend.


If you are a parent who wishes to spend time with your small children, you could start a home playgroup scheme. This could be set up as a half-day venture to allow other mothers time for their own home-based businesses. You could offer the service as a full day option as this will suit parents who work full-time. If you offer a full-day service, you will require assistance if you have several children to care for.

Online Opportunities

There are many online opportunities for home businesses. There are several online job sites where there are transcription, writing and other types of jobs available. Your online options are endless.

Before you start a home business, you must check if your local council has any specific regulations regarding the requirements for a home business. You need to register as a self-employed person with the Inland Revenue Service if you do not intend to form a company.

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